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If you're a parent and saw the headline, then you know where I am going with this. As a parent and a coach I have many moments with my kids in the car. Growing up in Las Vegas playing sports I remember being so excited to get out to the field to play some baseball. After the game I would go home and play whiffle ball with the neighbors. I never felt I had to practice, I just loved playing and being outside. Even on those rainy days I would be in the house throwing a rubber ball against the wall practicing my incredi-ble defensive skills. I did this throughout High School. Always getting together with my friends to play catch, shooting hoops or tossing the Frisbee. Lets not forget playing two hand touch football in the street. You remember the play? "Head towards the trash can and turn around"! We drew up some great plays on our hands back in the day. Then we grow up and get busy making a living, less games and more hours at the job. Then something happens! A kid is born and now it's time to relive your childhood all over again. Except this time it's different, you're not making the plays. Now it's time to be the parent or the coach or even more exciting the "Parent Coach". Let the fun begin! Back to the ride home. I look back at when I was growing up, leaving a game or practice and I do not remember any "Do you really want to play speeches". I have to say that I have given that speech several times early on in my "Parent Coach" days. Why does my five year old not want to play defense today? I would think to myself. It has taken several years for me to get better at the ride home. It only took a few talks from the wife and my daughters telling me that I went "tournament crazy" today. I also was lucky enough to be a field marshal for Southern Ne-vada Soccer Association last Fall season. What I did notice was how happy and excited the kids were at the start and finish of the games.

Just remember you get one chance to be a kid! The ride home is now better as I sit back and watch the kids play the games they enjoy and dream about making that winning goal or sinking that "3 2 1 " last second bucket.

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